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Prices for college education in Canada are generally more affordable than university education. However, prices may vary from college to college and depending on the features of the chosen program. Colleges often try to ease students' financial burdens by offering flexible payment options and scholarship opportunities.


There are many options for students who want to study college in Canada. Colleges in different parts of the country offer students a variety of campus amenities, social activities, and life experiences. This allows students to explore Canada's rich cultural and natural beauties while improving themselves.

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College education in Canada You can visit our website to get more information about and examine different college programs.We offer resources where you can find comprehensive information on topics such as college prices, program details and the application process. Shape your career and have an international experience with a college education in Canada!

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As EduPathways Canada, our top priority is to be a reliable source where you can find answers to all your questions about education and life in Canada.

By contacting us, you can get detailed information about Canadian college programs and Canadian public colleges, and learn what you need to study at a university and college in Canada.

We also provide you with important information about Canada's rich cultural life, natural beauties and immigration opportunities. For more, you can fill out the preliminary evaluation form immediately.

Let's plan your new life in Canada together!

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What is the difference between University and College?

While universities attach importance to academic education, colleges provide vocational and practical education.

Should I go to college or university?

If you are planning to pursue an academic career, University may be more suitable for you. However, if you want to gain professional expertise, you can choose college education.

What are the annual fees of Colleges and Universities?

Community colleges cost between $15,000-$25,000 CAD per year.

Private colleges start at $5,000 CAD per year.

Universities are over $25,000 CAD per year.


How many years can I get a work permit after college education?

1 year PGWP (Post-graduation work permit) after 1 year of state college education,

After 2 years of state college education, you can apply for PGWP for 3 years.

What can I do if my English is not sufficient?

While you can participate in the language programs of colleges and universities, you can also receive language education by attending private language schools.

Will I have a work permit while I study?

You will have a part-time work permit while you study in Canada. If you find a job within the school, the time you work there is not included in your part-time working time.

Will my wife be able to work and my child receive an education while I study?

In private colleges, spouses are not given work permits. If you study at state colleges and universities, your spouse will have a full-time work permit while you study. If you have one, your child can also receive education for free.

Do Canadian schools help find a job?

College career support offices help you find jobs and internships. Apart from this, co-op programs also help you find a job after graduation.

Should you stay in school dormitory or rent?

If you are coming alone, school dormitories may be a good option, especially for the first semester. If you are coming with your family, renting will be a more suitable option.

Can I get a transfer loan from Turkey?

Educational institutions in Canada evaluate the courses previously taken by international students and accept them in accordance with their own programs. Course substitution may vary depending on the college or university's policies and program.

How can I handle visa procedures?

You can get information about visa procedures and requirements and make your visa application by contacting our business partner Northern Pathways team.

When it comes to education in Canada, the answer to every question may not be this short and concise. You can contact us by filling out the pre-evaluation form to get answers to all your questions and learn about education opportunities in Canada.

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